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There has been a lot in the press recently about the EU GDPR – that is the European Union, General Data Protection Regulation. GDPR was adopted by the EU Parliament in April 2016, and becomes EU law from 25th May, 2018. Yeah, less than a year away. I don’t want to scare you, but GDPR is serious isht! If you’re company is handling data relating to EU citizens, you need to know what GDPR is, what you need to do to ensure compliance and START NOW.. The following 7 GDPR infographics will help you get started:

1. GDPR in Less than a Minute

This is a neat GDPR infographic, nicely summarising all of the key points:

EU GDPR In 1 Minute

2. GDPR: History, Timeline, Key Articles and Impact on Business

Some interesting points here, particularly the timeline (GDPR has been a long time in the making) and the key GDPR articles.

What Does GDPR Mean for Global Data Protection Infographic


3. GDPR Objectives, Rights & Responsibilities and Data Protection Principles

GDPR – Protect, Control, Unify and Simplify – Nice!

4. GDPR – Consumer Rights, Data Obligations and Breach Responses

This infographic nicely captures GDPR, explaining the 3 key areas:

  • Consumer Rights
  • Data Obligations for Companies
  • Breach Response

What Is GDPR?


5. Make a GDPR Plan

The key advise here is Make a Plan (0-6 months), Check your Systems (6-12 months) and Implement the Plan (12-18 months). I deliberately indicated the months, because you need to Start NOW!

6. An 8 Step GDPR Roadmap

Some further advise around what to do next….

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7. GDPR – Don’t be Caught Out

The key messages here are understand that GDPR is:

  • An EU Regulation with global implications
  • Individuals will have the “Right to be Forgotten”
  • The fines are BIG!

GDPR Controversy

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