29 Epic Identity Tweets From the ID2020 Summit in New York

Okay, so i didnt know anything about ID2020 until Friday night. I was browsing Twitter and one of my go-to people, Chris Skinner,  tweeted “I believe i can fly”. The picture reminded me of the St. Michael statue outside of Coventry Cathedral – which is just outside of my home town. Before too long i realised that this was a UN conference about legal identity. From the tweets it sounded like the conference sparked a lot of debate about identity (of course) and potential solutions (blockchain related) that could provide people with a digital identity. So i started delving into the details, and this is what i found:

Why bother with a legal identity?

There are a couple of reasons (see more below) why a legal identity is important:

  • According to the UN, about a fifth of the world population doesn’t have a legal identity, that’s about 1.5 billion people
    • Keep in mind the global population is about 7.4 billion – so that is a lot of people.
  • Unfortunately, that means that a heck of a lot of people are invisible to the wider society – they don’t exist, and as such are vulnerable to trafficking, prostitution and child abuse

The ID2020 Annual Summit

The Identity conference sounded pretty cool:

  • ID2020 is an annual United Nations summit that took place on Friday 20th May
  • The ID2020 looks to bring together people who can help create legal digital identities for vulnerable people around the world
  • Identity cuts through so may few different areas, and without an identity your options are pretty limited – just ask Jason Bourne…..
  • There were some pretty big speakers, leaders and personalities at this conference – from Treasurers, Big 4 Consultancies, and global aid and financial agencies – you get the picture, some big chiefs from across a wide spectrum of business and aid agencies
  • We’re at a cross roads right now, where digital has the ability to transform the way in which we do things – and when it comes to identity , there is a strong consensus that blockchain is the way forward

Juicy Identity Tweets from the ID2020 Annual Summit

I have listed at the end of this email a couple of interesting and informative articles, but Twitter is where i found the juicy stuff:

1. The 2030 Objective


2. What is a Legal Identity?


3. The Challenge: Self Sovereign Identity


4. What is a Self Sovereign Identity


5. Identity diversity


6. Old Problems, New Solutions


7. Who Owns Your Identity?


8. Identity matters – Financial Inclusion:


9. Identity matters – Human Trafficking:


10. Identity matters – Legal Rights:


11. Identity matters – The Reality:


10. Or Is Identity Simply A Way of Big Brother Keeping Tabs?


11. Let’s Decentralise


12. Blockchain anyone….?


13. If Blockchain is the solution, how do you manage it?


14. Are We Ready for a Blockchain Solution?


15. In theory…


16. Hey, I want a bit of Privacy


17. What about Social Media?


18. What is Identity, and which attributes to use?

19. Does the Technology Matter?


20. Technology Can Make It Happen


21. Let’s Do It

22. There is a whole lot more to Identity than Technology

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23. You can run, but you can’t hide


24. I have an Identity, Now What?


25. How To Make a Digital Identity A Reality


26. Digital Identity Barriers

27. A Timely Reminder…

28. At the end of the Day, it is pretty simple


29. Is this the Future of Identity?


  • The Finanser – The inhumanity of humans and the importance of identity
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  • Business Wire – ID2020 Hosts Digital Identity Summit at United Nations


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