10 Revealing Tweets from IBM World of Watson 2016

This time last week the IBM World of Watson conference was happening in Las Vegas! It came to my attention because it was trending on Twitter and at Sibos 2016 Ginni Rometty (IBM CEO) gave an interesting keynote which i coincidentally recapped last week. Anyway, it got me thinking Las Vegas – what a cool place to host and attend a conference!! Clearly the conference covered all things cognitive, but i was curious to understand what the Wold of Watson attendees were tweeting about – and in this post i have highlighted 10 pretty interesting tweets:

1. The World of Watson “Hot Ticket”:

2. Cognitive IoT – Collaboratory:


3. What is a Cognitive Business?

4. Technology is Faster than Humans:


5. Data + Analytics:


6. What is Customer Experience:

7. The Future is Cognitive:


8. Look up Augmented Intelligence:

9. Diversity in Technology:


10. Cognitive Disruption:

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