5 Reasons Why Trump Will and Will Not be President of the USA 2

Sat across the pond in England i am eagerly watching the events and hearing the US Presidential arguments unfold on the eve of Election Day in the US. In this post i thought i would review the main reasons why you Donald Trump will be President and also the main reasons why Trump will not be President of the USA. I realise this is a highly simplified view, but it highlights the main issues, right? Let me what you think….

5 Reasons Why Trump Will be the President of the USA:

  1. Donald Trump will support neglected communities from whom the American Dream has been snatched, this is why the line “Let’s make America Great again” is such a striking and vivid mantra
  2. Donald Trump will save the Second Amendment and protect peoples right to bear arms – the more i read about this, the more i am amazed at how important and devisive an issue this really is in the US
  3. Trump will stand for American jobs, and prioritise American foreign policy interests above everything else
  4. In the cold light of day and in the privacy of the voting booth, the American public will vote for something new, a change – just like the Brits that voted for Brexit
  5. A lot of US folks dont like Clinton, see my next post….! And if you don’t want Clinton to get into White House, your only other viable alternative is Trump!

5 Reasons Why Trump Will NOT be the President of the USA:

  1. There are concerns that a guy that gets into heated Twitter arguments might be the next Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces!
  2. The Great Wall of America ain’t popular and Trump knows it, his rhetoric is not attracting support among minority groups although some would argue that recent moves are actually helping to lighten his stance – interesting!
  3. When it comes to tax avoidance Trump has openly boasted “That makes me smart” – that’s not a great tone to take and example to set, especially in a country with deep social and economic inequality
  4. Many see Trump as a great business man who will use this business acumen to turn the US economy around – but his business bankruptcies are well documented bringing into doubt his business and leadership credentials
  5. Scandals galore – ’nuff said.

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