10 INSANE Front Page Reactions To President Trump!

What many believed to be impossible has happened – Donald J Trump will soon be President Trump! Check out my pre-election posts detailing reasons why Clinton and Trump each could have been President, and some reasons why Clinton lost out and Trump won overall. As a Brit, it has been fascinating to watch the race for the White House and now the world waits with bated breath to see how President Trump manages both domestic and foreign affairs.

It goes without saying there was a “huge” (see what i did there!) global reaction to Trump’s Presidential election victory – with some obvious newspaper headlines. In this post i thought i would highlight some of the craziest reactions to President Trump.

1. “God Forgive America”

Ref: El Periodico, Spain

President Trump - God Forgive America

2. “The World Has Been Turned On Its Head!”

Ref: Die Welt, Germany

02. president-trump-upside-down

3. Is this Fiction or Reality?

Ref: Liberation, France

03. President-Trump-Psycho

4. The Simpsons Prediction from 2000

Ref: The Sun, UK

04. President-Trump-Doh

5. No Translation Required!

Ref: El Grafico, Mexico

05. President-Trump-Fuuck

6. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Ref: The Mirror, UK

06. president-trump-liberty

7. President Trump – OMG!

Ref: Le Journal de Montreal

07. President-Trump-OMG

8. 🙂 …!?!?!

Ref: Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, Australia

08. President-Trump-WTF

9. Let’s Chill

Ref: Tampa Bay Times’ – TBT, St. Petersburg, Florida.

09. President-Trump-Marijuana

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10. No Big Deal

Ref: Buchan Observer, Scotland

10. President-Trump-Scotland

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