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SEPA will transform the euro currency payments and collections landscape within the euro-zone. The transformation and transition to SEPA will give corporates a number of opportunities, but the journey will be long and winding. The transition to this euro currency payment and collection ‘utopia’ sounds great. But we now have a regulatory deadline for when all of the euro-zone payments and collections must be SEPA compliant – 1st February, 2014. With this deadline less than a year away, SEPA for corporates is now all about ensuring SEPA compliance by whatever means. To say that there is a rush, a frantic rush even, for SEPA compliance is not under-stating it at all!

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I work as an analyst for a multinational company, with operations in most countries. Though views¬†and opinions expressed here are my own!¬†Around SEPA i have read, researched, talked to experts and attended various bank-led SEPA workshops. I am by no means a SEPA expert, but i do intend to share any information in the hope that it may be of use to somebody somewhere. Through my own SEPA implementation experiences, i will share information that i have found useful and ask for your input so that we build a useful SEPA resource. February 2014 is not too far away, the journey towards SEPA compliance starts here…

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  1. Reply Julie Roper Jul 14,2016 11:28 am

    Do you have any statistics about the number of DD payments by corporations which have been reclaimed during the 8 week window allowed by the Core scheme (particularly in Ireland, but in other SEPA countries too)? I would hope that most companies would use the B2B scheme with their corporate customers but they do have the option of using the Core B2C scheme and I believe in Ireland that is the only option.
    Many thanks,

  2. Reply Bernardo La Cour May 23,2018 4:11 am

    Is 451 0 the acceptance and validation code for a swift transmission that was cleared?

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