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SEPA payments have transformed Euro currency payments and collections within the Euro-zone. The transformation and transition to SEPA payments has given corporates a number of opportunities that go beyond ‘compliance’. In the early days of the SEPA implementation, there was a lot of misinformation, conflicting information and down right confusion about SEPA Payments and SEPA Direct Debits.

SEPA for Corporates started off as a way for me to document my findings, clarify any questions i had, and share the information with anyone that was interested. Who would have guessed there are quite a few of you! As SEPA payment instruments, and payments generally, have evolved so too has this website. Payments have suddenly become sexy, and SEPA for Corporates is a simple, no BS way to share information about prevailing payments trends, payments news and some of my views

A little bit about me…

I am a Treasury leader in the bank connectivity space for a multinational company. Please note, views and opinions expressed here are my own! In the payments space i have read, researched, talked to experts and attended various bank-led workshops. 20’ish years of real implementation experience (across a range of ERP/TMS systems, various payment instruments with most global banks) in Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America have given me a bit of knowledge that i hope you find interesting.

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  1. Reply Julie Roper Jul 14,2016 11:28 am

    Do you have any statistics about the number of DD payments by corporations which have been reclaimed during the 8 week window allowed by the Core scheme (particularly in Ireland, but in other SEPA countries too)? I would hope that most companies would use the B2B scheme with their corporate customers but they do have the option of using the Core B2C scheme and I believe in Ireland that is the only option.
    Many thanks,

  2. Reply Bernardo La Cour May 23,2018 4:11 am

    Is 451 0 the acceptance and validation code for a swift transmission that was cleared?

  3. Reply sergi Jul 10,2020 9:50 am

    great job, great site. Just to say Thank you. best,

  4. Reply Lu Xin Oct 18,2022 8:29 am

    Hi. I am a product manager in transaction banking and payments world. I use your website as knowledge book sometimes when I conduct my work or study. Thanks a lot!

  5. Reply Tennis Grand Slams Apr 19,2023 1:03 pm

    I am a professional blogger and love to diversify my budget portfolio. This website helps me doing so…

    Thanks for the content.

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