A Practical Guide to the Bank Statement CAMT.053 Format 9

Following on from the posts about the BAI2 and MT940 bank statement formats, I have had a few requests to provide an overview of the camt.053 format. I will not go into the details of each tag within the CAMT.053 format – for that you should ask your bank(s) to provide you with a detailed CAMT.053 specification and an example CAMT.053 file so you (and your source systems) know exactly what to expect. What i will share in this CAMT.053 format overview is the information you need in order to read and understand the example CAMT.053 file.

So, here goes…

What is a CAMT.053?

  • CAMT.053 is a Bank to Customer Statement, essentially providing you with a prior or previous day statement of your account
  • CAMT.053 will indicate all entries booked to the account for the previous business day
  • CAMT.053 is an updated and standardised version of the MT940 and prior-day BAI2 bank statement formats

To know the difference between a camt.052, camt.053 and camt.054, read this!

CAMT.053 – File Structure:

Each CAMT.053 file consists of:

  • CAMT.053
    • Group Header
      • Statement – There will be at least 1 Statement (for each account)
        • Balance – Contains the Opening and Closing Balance
        • Entry – There may be multiple entries
          • Entry details – There may be multiple entry details
            • Batch 
            • Transaction details
      • End of Statement

CAMT.053 – Supported XML Characters:

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
/ – ? : ( ) . , ‘ +

CAMT.053 Format Description:

The following will provide an overview of what information to expect to see within each section of the CAMT.053 file. Keep in mind that most of the below tags will expand to reveal additional / in-depth information about the tag. Please do consult your bank and request their specification and a sample file to understand exactly how your bank is generating the camt.053 bank statement format.

CAMT.053 Specification – Group Header:

Group Header:

  • <MsgId> – Message Identification
  • <CreDtTm> – Creation Date / Time Stamp
  • <MsgRcpt> – Message Recipient
  • <MsgPgntn> – Message Pagination

CAMT.053 Specification – Statement:


  • <Id> – Unique identifier
  • <ElctrncSeqNb> – Electronic Sequence Number
  • <CreDtTm> – Creation Date / Time Stamp of the Statement record
  • <FrToDt> – From Date
  • <Acct> – Account
  • <Bal> – Balance – See details below
  • <Ntry> – Entry

CAMT.053 Specification – Balance:


  • <Tp> – Type
    • Codes include:
      • OPBD – Opening balance
      • CLBD – Closing balance
      • CLAV – Closing available balance
      • OPAV – Opening available balance
      • PRCD – Last closing balance
      • ITBD – Interim booked
  • <Amt> – Balance amount with currency
  • <CdtDbtInd> – Credit / Debit Indicator
    • Valid values:
      • DBIT – Debit Balance
      • CRDT – Credit Balance
  • <Dt> – Date

CAMT.053 Specification – Entry:


  • <Amt> – Transaction amount and currency
  • <CdtDbtInd> – Debit / Credit Indicator
    • Valid values:
      • DBIT – Debit Balance
      • CRDT – Credit Balance
  • <Sts> – Status
  • <BookgDt> Booking date – when entry is posted to the account
  • <Dt> – Transaction date
  • <ValDt> – Value date
  • <Dt> – Value date of the transaction
  • <AcctSvcrRef> – Account servicer reference
  • <BkTxCd> – Bank transaction code
  • <AddtlInfInd> – Additional information indicator
  • <MsgNmId> – Message name identification
  • <NtryDtls> – Entry details – See details below….
  • <AddtlNtryInf> – Additional Entry Information


CAMT.053 Specification – Entry Details:

Entry Details:

  • <Btch> – Batch – See details below…
  • <TxDtls>- Transaction Details – See details below…

CAMT.053 Specification – Batch:


  • <MsgId> – Message Id
  • <PmtInfId> – Payment information identification
  • <NbOfTxs> Number of transactions in batch
  • <TtlAmt> – Total amount of batched transactions
  • <CdtDbtInd> – Credit / Debit Indicator
    • Valid values:
      • DBIT – Debit Balance
      • CRDT – Credit Balance

CAMT.053 Specification – Transaction Details:

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Transaction Details:

  • <Refs> – References
  • <MsgId> – Message Id from the incoming SEPA transaction (in PAIN.001)
    • <PmtInfId> – Payment Information Id from the incoming SEPA transaction (in PAIN.001)
    • <EndToEndId> – End to End Identification from the incoming SEPA payment
    • <TxId> – Transaction Identification
    • <MndtId> – Mandate Identification – for SEPA Direct Debit transactions
  • <AmtDtls> – Amount details
  • <InstdAmt> – Instructed amount
  • <BkTxCd> – Bank transaction code
  • <Chrgs> – Charges
  • <Intrst> – Interest
  • <RltdPties> – Related parties – i.e. name/address of initiating party and ordering party and their bank details
  • <RltdAgts> – Related agents – i.e. debtor agent and creditor agent bank details
  • <Purp> – Purpose – Reason for the transaction
  • <RmtInf> – Remittance Information
    • <Ustrd> – Unstructured
    • <Strd> – Structured
  • <RltdDts> – Related dates
  • <RtrInf> – Return Information
  • <AddtlTxInf> – Additional Transaction Information

Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any pressing questions…!

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  1. Reply vick Apr 8,2019 4:03 pm


    I need to convert an xls file to the ISO 20022 camt 053 format, and just the one file for now: do you know if there is an online tool that will let me do that without my having to purchase/download/install something that I might never use after that?


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  3. Reply A.D. Eveloper Apr 12,2019 2:43 pm

    Yeah, it is called magicConverter for cheapies who do not want to pay a developer.

    You cheap cheap person.

  4. Reply CARLOS SANSORES Oct 15,2019 11:56 pm


    Could I have and “*.xls” or “*.txt” as an example file for the camt 053 format?

  5. Reply Preeti Nov 14,2019 10:48 am


    I wanted to know how can w place mulitiple transactions in a single for an account.


    multiple txns for multiple accounts in a single file.

    If anyone could provide a sample file or share a link, would appreciate.

  6. Reply Gus M May 6,2020 9:16 pm

    Does anyone know where I can get a CAMT.053 sample file? Please help

  7. Reply Trish May 27,2020 7:06 am

    does ‘name of originator’ field in the ABA file – does it get populated in the Debtors field in the CAMT053 ?

  8. Reply Dominic Digby Jun 10,2020 10:19 am

    Gus M May 6,2020 9:16 pm

    Does anyone know where I can get a CAMT.053 sample file? Please help

    Gus M – contact me at affinis.co.uk and I’ll send you sample camt.053 files.

  9. Reply Fayel Oct 13,2020 9:53 am

    Is there any business rule to be used when mapping a camt.053 to either MT940 or MT950?

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