5 Reasons Why Clinton Will and Will Not be President of the USA 1

Following on from my post 5 Reasons Why Trump Will and Will Not be President of the USA, i thought i would present the same for and against US President arguments for Hillary Clinton. Again, i get it that this is really simple but i think i captured the main issues. Let me what you think….

5 Reasons Why Clinton Will be the President of the USA:

  1. Hillary is a tried and “trusted” politician having served as First Lady (1993-2001), a junior United State Senator representing New York (2001-2009),  United States Secretary of State (2009-2013) and now Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States is a ‘natural’ next step
  2. Hillary has worked to build an incredibly sophisticated and comprehensive Presidential campaign machine and support network throughout the US that will help secure her the Presidency
  3. Many minorities (some calling them the silent majority) will stick 2 fingers up at Trump and vote for Hillary, particularly Latino’s
  4. Hillary has clear policies in a variety of areas (tax, jobs, immigration, foreign policy, the environment, childcare, gun laws) that people can vote for/against
  5. Hillary speaks of breaking the glass ceiling, and being part of the movement that elected the first woman US President will be an incredibly invigorating and motivating factor at polling/voting stations

5 Reasons Why Clinton Will NOT be the President of the USA:

  1. The handling of the 2012 Benghazi attacks and the email scandal that followed put a huge question mark over Hillary’s ability to lead, handle sensitive and classified information, and her judgement as a viable Presidential candidate. These are hugely emotive issues and some go as far as saying that Clinton should be in jail, not on the ballot paper.
  2. Hillary is often referred to as a foreign policy hawk and people are extremely worried about her potentially aggressive foreign policy stance
  3. Hillary must not assume that she will win over black voters
  4. An overly cosy relationship between Hillary and Wall Street..!?!?
  5. Many don’t trust Hillary and often quote Barack Obama’s words from 2008 that “she [Hillary Clinton] will say anything and change nothing”

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