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The annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos 2016 has instigated plenty of debate and discussion around many of the current and anticipated global trends. The main topic at Davos was the Fourth Industrial Revolution – yep, you heard about it here first! The Economic Forum agenda provides a very informative insight into a range of topics. There are loads of topics of interest, but what i found really interesting were the topics that attendees and observers were tweeting about. It is a bit tabloid-ie (if that is a word!) but popular tweets are are a simple yet effective way of telling us what is stimulating debate and what is not. So i thought it would be interesting to share with you by day the 21 most popular tweets from Davos 2016.

The way i determined the most popular 21 tweets from the World Economic Forum in Davos 2016 was by analysing:

  • The most popular tweets – those were the tweets that were retweeted and liked the most
  • Tweets during the period of the conference: 20-23 January, 2016
  • Tweets that used the hastag #Davos2016, #Davos, #WEF, #WEF16
  • Promoted tweets were not included – i only wanted to capture ‘organically’ popular tweets

Davos 2016 – Key People & Themes According to the Most Popular Tweets:

  • It goes without saying that the World Economic Forum (@wef) was the most popular and most frequently retweeted and liked profiles. Following are some of the others
  • The Canadian Prime Minister (@Justin Trudeau) was probably one of THE most popular and tweeted people, and undoubtedly flew the Canadian flag high
  • Next was Leonardo DiCaprio (@LeoDiCaprio) and his attack on “corporate greed”
  • Closely followed by both Sheryl Sandberg and Emma Watson (@EmWatson) who helped to put a particular spotlight on the gender gap
  • For me Ian Bremner (@Ianbremmer) was THE man – he raised the profile on a range of topics from Financial Inclusion, Poverty, Wealth Inequality to Terror – his tweets were simple and insightful — overall, i would guess that Ian was the most retweeted over the course of the 4 days

Check it out….

Davos 2016 – Wednesday 20th January





Davos 2016 – Thursday 21st January




Davos 2016 – Friday 22nd January



Davos 2016 – Saturday 23rd January



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