Day 2 – 5 Badass Tweets from the WEF17 in Davos 2

Today was officially Day 1 of the World Economic Forum (WEF17) at Davos. But since i started my coverage yesterday, I’m calling it Day 2. Ha! Some interesting themes came up – and i reckon the next 5 tweets pretty much sum up the main events. One event i dont mention below, simply because there is so much to cover, is the PwC 20th CEO Survey – i have not read up the details on that yet, but most of the interesting tweets came from the PwC MD: Mike Quindazzi. Following are 5 tweets that caught my attention…

1. In a Complex World, we Unfortunately seek Simplicity:


2. Corporate Giants of Yesteryear and Today:



3. Migration – Who is Moving where?


4. Challenges – Recent, Current and Future:



5. Globalisation versus Protectionism:

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