Day 1 – The 5 Best Tweets from the WEF17 in Davos 5

This week is all about the World Economic Forum (WEF17) in Davos – Switzerland. Officially the WEF17 runs from 17-20th January, but the movers and shakers all seem to be in Davos and some sessions were held today. This year Davos considers the changing power balance in the world, with the main theme being “Responsive and responsible leadership“. The WEF17 will hone in on 4 leadership challenges for 2017:

  • Strengthening global collaboration
  • Revitalizing economic growth
  • Reforming capitalism
  • Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

These are clearly relevant themes for the payments and fintech industry, and so I’ll be keeping a close watch on the various sessions. I’ll also be scanning twitter for the most interesting tweets. So, here are my 5 top tweets from the WEF17 Day 1:

1. Is the WEF17 at Davos Relevant?


2. The Plight of Refugees:



3. The Stark Inequality in the World:


4. Dynamic Cities of the World:



5. Child Development:

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