The Future of Payments in 4 Amazing Infographics

There is an incredible spotlight right now on the future of payments. The focus on technology, fintech, blockchain and the Uber effect on financial services is culminating in some crazy, and some more mainstream payments trends. There are loads of interesting articles out there, but sometimes its just so much nicer to see the key payments trends illustrated in an infographic. So in this post i thought i would share what i think are some of the best future of payments infographics out there.

1. The Top 10 Payments Trends for 2016 – Capgemini

This Payments Trends infographic by Capgemini is a great one to start off with. In a nutshell it highlights all of the key themes that the industry is speaking about right now! You do need to spend a bit of time looking at it, but wow – there is an abundance of incredible information – Enjoy…!

2. The Future of Payments – Virgin

Ok, so having provided a snapshot of what is hot right now, where is the payments industry heading? The infographic by Virgin Money Australia very eloquently outline 7 important payments trends for the future. Nice one!



3. The Causes of Payment Fraud – E-Complish

It is easy to get carried away by the razzmatazz of future of payments and the shiny technology that is associated with it. But the following infographic by e-complish is a timely reminder of the need for stringent payment security controls and procedures. The infographic nicely captures the key causes of fraud, preventative measures and other inherent payments risks.

4. The Future Way To Pay – NJIT

Lastly, the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) have done a sterling job in capturing the history of payments, existing and future payment methods, and even a bit about cyber-security and regulation. Good job, folks!

The Future Way to Pay


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