10 Capgemini Payments Trends for 2017 [Infographic] 1

I’m always interested in trends, and have recently highlighted Fintech trends and technology trends for 2017. In this post, I highlight the Capgemini infographic highlighting 10 payments trends for 2017. As they say, a picture tells a thousand words, and this Capgemini payments trends 2017 infographic nicely highlights the following 10 payments trends:

  1. Digital Payments are on the increase
  2. Instant Payments will gain momentum
  3. Regulation will force bank transformation
  4. Compliance will drive innovation
  5. Liquidity management will be impacted by Instant Payments and Compliance (Basel III)
  6. Cross border payments will be revolutionised by initiatives such as SWIFT GPII, blockchain and Regulation
  7. Fintech disruption continues
  8. Open APIs transform payments landscape
  9. Cybersecurity continues to be a key priority for all stakeholders in the payments process
  10. Legacy systems or back end (ha!) systems need to be modernised

Capgemini Payments Trends 2017 Infographic:

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