15 Kick-Ass Brexit Tweets by the FinTech Mafia

Almost a month on from the Brexit vote, i was doing a bit of research to see what the Fintech mafia thought about it all. After all, the Fintech mafia are the folks in-the-know and pushing the industry ever forward so their thoughts are likely to guide the industry. The trends and insights that are revealed are pretty interesting, here’s what i found using the Brexit hashtag on Twitter:

1. The Domino Effect:

2. The Age Gap:


3. What Happens Next?


4. Troubled Waters..?


5. Or Opportunity..?


6. The Impact of Brexit on UK Fintech:


7. The Impact of Brexit on Technology:


8. The Impact of Brexit on Blockchain:


9. An Interesting Leadership Analysis:


10. Brexit, Fintech and Passporting:

11. What the heck is Passporting?


12. The 7 Stages of Brexit:


13. Brexit – What Next?


14. A Detailed Analysis of the Brexit Impact


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15. Not Quite a Bus…


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