10 Most Popular EU Referendum Tweets from the BBC Debate

Tonight there was a lively BBC debate at Wembley Arena, in London, on the upcoming Brexit EU referendum. The BBC debate featured views and opinions from both the Remain and Leave camps and from across the political, social and economic spectrum. I must admit i had one eye on the BBC debate and another on the thrilling Euro 2016 football match between Spain and Croatia – Croatia played a scorcher and nicked it in the 87th minute! Anyway, my divided attention meant i didnt catch all of the EU Referendum debate and so i turned to twitter (#BBCDebate) to find the 10 most popular BBC debate tweets. Here they are:

Please note the tweets are indicated in order with the most popular first, and the order was true at the time of writing. Also, i have excluded some popular tweets because, while very funny, werent really capturing the important themes from the debate – for example:

The Top 10 Brexit – EU Referendum BBC Debate Tweets

1. BBC Debate – Independence Day

2. BBC Debate – Misinformation…?

3. BBC Debate – The Campaigns and Funding

4. BBC Debate – Migration Again…

5. BBC Debate – Project Fear – Migration

 6. BBC Debate – EU Influence on the UK

 7. BBC Debate – More About the Personalities behind the Campaign

8. BBC Debate – Can you handle the truth?

9. BBC Debate – Slogans and Plans

  10. BBC Debate – Back to Migration


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