The Best Tweets from Africa’s largest Fintech Event

Last week there was a major fintech event in Africa – Dot Finance Africa. I heard about the fintech conference through various tweets, and was intrigued. Africa is a hot bed of innovation, the region is free from the clutches of legacy and is seemingly ready and willing to embrace new technology. Banks, payment service providers, mobile networks and consumers alike are deploying mobile, digital and other innovative solutions. They view such solutions as a way of enabling economic and social growth and development within the region, and more importantly as an enabler of financial inclusion. With this in mind, i was curious to see what themes were being discussed at the Dot Finance Africa fintech event – and for that i turned to Twitter to see what the folks were talking or tweeting about. These aren’t necessarily the most popular Tweets – just the ones that i found the most interesting and revealing:

If you attended the event and think i missed something, please let me know in the comments.

1. The Importance of Fintech in Africa and Mobile Money

2. Banking in Africa


3. Banking is Changing – BBVA

4.The future of Banking


5. The Fintech Mafia Attended

6. The Importance of Financial Inclusion


7. Financial Inclusion and Collaboration

8. The Financial Inclusion Opportunity


9. Millenials, Fintech and the Future of Banking

10. Keeping it Real and Simple…


11. …Through Innovation

12. How to Innovate Though?


13. Stick a Mobile Front End to Your Legacy Back Office

14. This Innovation – Fintech Malarky Aint Cheap


15. Put the Technology to One Side and Remember the Customer

16. Its All About Speed


17. And Iterative Development

18. But Ultimately About the Customer Experience


19. Innovation Opportunities

20. Social Media and Fintech Innovation


21. What is the Role of Regulation?

22. The Future of Payments

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23. Payments are all about Money, Power and Consumers


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