10 Epic Themes from the CB Insights Future Of Fintech Event

I’m one of the 167,608 subscribers to the CB Insights Newsletter – a must read for folks interested in all things fintech. CB Insights provide industry led research, data and analytics covering a vast spectrum of topics from incumbent corporation investment strategies through to start up company trends, noteworthy economic, markets and investment analysis for venture capitalists. In short, these guys will tell you which companies will be in the S&P tomorrow. It is their funky graphs and payments related analysis that got me interested in their research. I’ve already covered some of their insights into corporate innovation, innovation myths and fintech, but in this post i thought i would cover the – what i found interesting – tweets from their recent Future of Fintech conference.

The Future of Fintech

The Future of Fintech was a 3 day conference in New York from 8-10th June. From what i could see, this conference was a little different. The CB Insights event featured venture capitalists (VC), quite a few start ups and the investment wings of many incumbent institutions. Also, i dont think i saw any of the traditional “fintech mafia” at the event, so i was curious to see what was being talked about – through the twitter #FutureFintech, this is what i found:

10 Fintech Themes from the Conference via Twitter

This post ended up being a lot longer than i hoped – but i think the tweets are pretty interesting and tell an interesting story….

1. Insurance will be disrupted

2. Its Not Just About Millennials

3. Innovation, Innovation, Innovation

4. Start Ups – The Power of the 1%


5. Payments


6. Fintech – Be Afraid, be very afraid…



7. Banks – Whats going on?

8. Blockchain – You gotta love it!


9. The Unbanked Opportunity

10. Data

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