10 Epic Tweets from the EU Conf on EU Reg & Fintech

Today the European Commission hosted a fintech conference debating the transformational effect technology is having on financial services and posed the question “Is EU regulation fit for new financial technologies?” The European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis gave an interesting keynote speech, and there’s a web-stream recording of the event, which i may cover at a later date. I wasn’t at the EU Fintech conference, but was intrigued by the EU focus, speakers and themes and through the following 10 tweets was able to get a a flavour of the event.

1. The EU Fintech Mission:

2. Let’s get Digital

3. What Priority Should we give CyberSecurity ?

4. How InsurTech is Transforming Insurance


5. Debate should be about Innovation

6. SWIFT and CyberSecurity

7. Blockchain in France

8. Collaborate or be Eaten!

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9. Existing Regulation is not a Hindrance – Hmmmm….?

10. Regulation in Moderation!

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