Is Your SWIFT Service Bureau On The List? If not, WHY Not? 2

The other day i was updating the post A News Bulletin Overview of the SWIFT Related Hacks, and started reading up about the Vietnam hack. The interesting thing about the Vietnam Tien Phong Bank hack was that the fraudulent transfers were routed through an external or third party provider used by the bank to connect to the SWIFT network – to you and me that is a SWIFT Service Bureau.

That got me interested and i started snooping around to find out more about SWIFT Service Bureaus. It led me to SWIFT’s very own Service Bureau Directory!

Pick a certified SWIFT Service Bureau or don’t bother….

…Unless you’re using SWIFT’s very own Alliance Lite 2 – more on that another day! But seriously, hooking up to SWIFT is a significant investment for any corporate – and so you shouldnt be using the SWIFT infrastructure and connectivity services of ‘Bob down the road’. If you’re going to use a Service Bureau you need one that meets SWIFTs own guidelines:

  • Capabilities of the providers have been vetted and certified by SWIFT themselves
  • Bureau’s in SWIFT directory meet the highest levels of security and reliability (day to day and disaster recovery) standards
  • Service providers are the cream of the crop, and meet stringent international standards
  • Providers are trained and certified in all aspects of SWIFT connectivity including ownership and operation of the SWIFT infrastructure
  • SWIFT have been on-site and inspected and audited the SWIFT related infrastructure and processes for themselves

SWIFT Service Bureaus Compliance Requirements:

Check out:

The Best SWIFT Service Bureaus:

The following information taken from the SWIFT Service Bureau Directory is true at the time of writing. Please note:

  • The Standard / Premier label status will expire at a point, and will need to be renewed. So if you’re reading this in July 2017 some of the below listed Service Bureaus may no longer have either Standard or Premier status.
  • Although the bureaus are listed in a given region, their services often span cross regions and are likely to be international  (you need to check)
  • See the SWIFT Service Bureau directory for up to date information:

SWIFT Service Bureau in Africa:

SWIFT Service Bureau in North America:

SWIFT Service Bureau in South America:

SWIFT Service Bureau in Asia & Pacific:

SWIFT Service Bureau in Europe:

Thanks for stopping by – Take a look around…!!

SWIFT Service Bureau in Middle East:


Oh sh1t! Our Service Bureau is not listed above….

Then call them up, and ask why not! Perhaps they are mid-review with SWIFT, or have another reason (I’m curious to know what it is, so please share it anonymously in the comments below) or maybe the Bureau just hasn’t bothered — in which case, i would be very worried.


2 thoughts on “Is Your SWIFT Service Bureau On The List? If not, WHY Not?

  1. Reply chstiefel Feb 21,2017 4:18 pm

    Check the SWIFT ServiceBureau Directory regularly – there was and is a lot of change certified providers because of the new and additional requirements of the SWIFT ServiceBureau certification progam (SIP / Shared Infrastructure Program).
    And as well the recently announced CSP (Customer Security Program) and it´s stringent security requirements.

    Which were one of the reasons why many well know providers did not pass the re-certification or gap audit
    and therefore are de-lised by SWIFT because they did not meet the new, high security requirements set by SWIFT.

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