11 Kick-Ass Tweets From the SWIFT Business Forum London

Yesterday i attended the SWIFT Business Forum, at Tobacco Dock, in London. It was a gloriously sunny day but really hectic with lots of really interesting sessions and discussions around SWIFT, fintech, blockchain, payments and even a ‘lively’ debate on Brexit. In fact there were so many parallel sessions that you had to make some difficult choices, which meant missing out on some topics. So with that in mind, i turned to Twitter to see what people were saying about those other sessions that i was unable to attend. What i found were a collection of really interesting tweets from the SWIFT Business Forum – which i thought you maybe interested in.

For in-depth details check out the Finextra and BankingTech overview. For a quick flavour, check out the following…

1. SWIFT Business Forum – Opening Keynote:


2. SWIFT Business Forum – On Fintech Start-Ups…:



3. SWIFT Business Forum – What will happen to Payments:



4. SWIFT Business Forum – The Elephant in the Room – APIs:


5. SWIFT Business Forum – SWIFT Distributed Ledger Paper


6. SWIFT Business Forum – Blockchain:


7. SWIFT Business Forum – Another Blockchain Tweet



8. SWIFT Business Forum – There were others, but this is my last one


9. SWIFT Business Forum – Global Payments Innovation Initiative

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10. SWIFT Business Forum – The Irony, Fintech Innovation Award by the SWIFT Institute


11. SWIFT Business Forum – Microphone & Drink Issues


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