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I wasn’t one of the 8200 Sibos attendees in Singapore this year, so I looked to various other channels to get my daily dose of SWIFT and Sibos news. By the sounds of things there were some really interesting panel discussions (particularly around blockchain) and insights into various disruptive technologies and consumer demands. Finextra and Banking Technology provided sterling articles and video updates from the SWIFT conference. But for me Twitter provided a really interesting insight into all things Sibos. As i was reviewing the #Sibos and #Sibos2016 tweets some pretty cool information and observations were being shared. In this post i will share the top 5 tweets from each day based on the most retweeted Sibos tweets (at the time of writing!). Some interesting themes are revealed….

Please keep in mind the indicated Retweets were at the time of writing.

The Sibos Twitter Winners:

Based on the Sibos related Retweet analysis the following companies seem to be the most popular (in terms of volume of tweets and retweets) over the last 4 days:

The overall Winners for the most Sibos related retweets is…. drum roll….

Sibos 2015 – Monday 12th October

32 Retweets – Blockchain:

26 Retweets – Opening Plenary:

23 Retweets – Innotribe:

21 Retweets – Fintech:

20 Retweets – Fintech:


Sibos 2015 – Tuesday 13th October

86 Retweets – Internet of Things:

26 Retweets – Banks:

19 Retweets – Fintech:

17 Retweets – Real Time Payments:

17 Retweets – Real Time:

 Sibos 2015 – Wednesday 14th October

22 Retweets – Innotribe:

19 Retweets – The Cloud:

15 Retweets – Fintech:

14 Retweets – Disruption:

12 Retweets – Innotribe:


Sibos 2015 – Thursday 15th October

16 Retweets – Blockchain:

13 Retweets – Innotribe:

13 Retweets – Fintech:

12 Retweets – Gender:

12 Retweets – SWIFT:


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Sibos 2015

Judging by the tweets alone, it sounded like a very forward looking Sibos this year. The key and recurring themes seemed to be how to utilise block chain, fintech and the challenges and opportunities for incumbents and new entrants, the role of regulation and of course innovation.

If you were at Sibos i would love to hear your comments below – does the above capture the key themes from the conference?

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