10 Brilliant Tweets That Sum Up Sibos 2016 1

Last week over 8300 delegates attended Sibos 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland. There were loads of forums, debates and payments related sessions covering a variety of topics across the finance industry. As i scanned twitter for Sibos 2016 some interesting themes emerged and i thought i would share these in this post. If you were at Sibos 2016 for the full 4 days, let me know if the below captures the key trends.

1. Everyone talked about how blockchain is going to transform the world

2. Blockchain was discussed everyday during Sibos 2016, and mentioned in most sessions

3. Ripple dug  into the SWIFT Global Payments Innovation Initiative (GPII)

4. Customer Experience, Disruption & Ripple (again!)

5. Talent & Culture within Traditional Financial Services was widely discussed

6. Following the recent SWIFT related hacks, Cybersecurity was a hot topic

7. Disruption, Fintech Startups and Technology Companies were discussed constantly

8. Artificial Intelligence and the use of Bots…

9. The Diversity and Financial Inclusion Opportunity

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10. The Innotribe sessions were a hotbed of activity, covering all of the cool stuff

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