The Top Payments News Stories in September, 2016

Summer already feels like it was an age ago! Its a bumper payments news edition with plenty of interesting cybersecurity, bank, fintech and SWIFT related stories. Check out the following top payments news stories for September 2016:

1. Payments News – Cyber Security

2. Payments News – Mobile Payments

  • PayPal and MasterCard team up
  • Visa will launch a mobile payments service in Kenya to take on M-Pesa

3. Payments News: Digital / Crypto-currencies

  • Barclays and Wave complete a global trade finance transaction (letter of trade) using blockchain technology
  • Santander – To Bitcoin or Not To Bitcoin?
  • Ripple sign up major banks, and launch Global Payments Steering Group (GPSG)

4. Payments News: Banks

  • Wells Fargo fined for fraudulently opening about 1.5 million bank accounts
  • Commwealth Bank and Barclays join forces to enable mobile payments between the 2 countries
  • The Bank of England release a plastic £5 note or fiver
  • Deutsche Bank open a data lab – The Hive – in Dublin
  • BNP Paribas opens a Fintech Lab in New York – dubbed the Innovation Zone
  • Deutsche Bank chief, John Cryan, writes an open memo to employees
  • Bank of England propose a 2020 deadline for RTGS system
  • In its bid to become a technology company, Deutsche Bank launches a “Digital Factory” in Frankfurt

5. Payments News: Fintech

  • Hong Kong Monetary Authority sets up a fintech innovation hub
  • Innovate Finance launches its East Coast Fintech program in New York to establish greater fintech ties between the UK and US fintech sectors
  • The Future of Fintech in Scotland
  • Facebook Messenger allows in-app payments without needing to send users to an external website
  • Societe Generale – Damien Jamet: Learning from FinTech – Can we fail fast, and learn fast (Securities view)
  • Ripple secures $55 million funding and adds further banks
  • Innovate Finance give a post-Brexit fintech update
  • Same Day ACH (faster payments) goes live in the US

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6. Payments News: SWIFT

7. Payments News: Reports

  • Survey conducted by IDC Financial Insights and sponsored by SAP reveals 6 out of 10 banks are open to partnering with fintech startups
  • McKinsey report on how digital finance can enable growth in emerging economies
  • Deloitte with All Street Research publish Connecting Global FinTech: Hub Review 2016
  • Finextra and Axway release their findings on PSD2
  • When it comes to blockchain, move quickly say IBM

That’s it folks! Let me know below if I missed anything important…

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