15 Unmissable Financial Services Graphics by Innotribe

Probably THE most fascinating stream at Sibos last week was everything happening at Innotribe! The folks from Innotribe covered all things innovation related, and the sessions were both informative and thought provoking. From the usual themes such as blockchain, disruption, fintech through to a musical jacket. It was simply brilliant. The Innotribe team around their particularly cool (picture an enclosed oval venue with an animation wall) stand had 15 graphics covering the hot topics facing financial services right now. The financial services related graphics nicely summarise the key themes across a broad spectrum of topics – check them out below:

1. Disruption at Innotribe – “Its all about Perspective”

Disruption - Innotribe

2.¬†Emerging Technologies – “Science Fiction becomes Science Fact”

Emerging Technologies - Innotribe

3. The Future of Money- “What do Customers Want?”

Future of Money

4. Organise for Complexity at Innotribe – “Its Time to Change the System”

Complexity at Innotribe

5. Situational Awareness – “Refresh YOUR Map Every 3-4 Months”

Situational Awareness

6. Compliance at Innotribe – “We Can Do More TOGETHER”

Industry Challenges for Compliance

7. Artificial Intelligence – “Efficiency through Automation and Iteration”

Artificial Intelligence at Innotribe

8. The Future at Innotribe – “Wait and See means Wait to Die”

The Future

9. Digital Ethics – “What do YOU Value in YOUR Life?”

Digital Ethics at Innotribe

10. Start Up Challenge in Africa – “Africa is Leap-Frogging the Americas”

Start up challenge for Africa

11.¬†Start Up Challenge in Latin America – “Move Faster, Please!”

Start up challenge for Latin America

12. FinTech Hubs: EMEA – “Innovation”

FinTech EMEA

13. FinTech Hubs: Americas – “Collaboration”

FinTech Americas

14. FinTech Hubs: Switzerland – “Will Switzerland Steal the FinTech Cheese?”

FinTech - Switzerland

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15. ThingClash at Innotribe – “Complex Systems & How They Interact with Cultures”

ThingClash at Innotribe!


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