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For those lucky enough to attend Sibos 2016 in Geneva, i have outlined what i think are some pretty interesting sessions over the 4 day SWIFT conference. But before diving into the details, i would recommend checking out my Sibos Infographic and 5 Tips For Newbies posts! It is worth noting the:

  • Sibos conference is likely to attract over 8000 delegates
  • Theme of the conference is “Transforming the Landscape
  • Day by day guide
  • Downloading the Sibos App
  • Checking out the latest info on Twitter  – search for #sibos and #sibos2016
  • Sibos team are normally pretty good at uploading popular sessions on to YouTube
  • Recurring themes from the below sessions are Fintech, Cybersecurity, Blockchain and the Disruption in the

There are a lot of really good sessions, so you need to plan upfront your attendance. So with that in mind, here is my day by day guide to Sibos 2016…! (Note my focus on payments and corporate treasury sessions.)

Sibos 2016 – Monday 26th October

  • 0900-1000 – Making real time successful in the Eurozone
  • 1015-1115 – Technology trends in financial services
  • 1130-1230 – Sibos – Opening Plenary
  • 1245-1345 – Temenos: Meeting the needs of the corporate treasurer: Taking the results of the global survey and making them a reality
  • 1445-1515 – Dow Jones: Cybersecurity: The challenge of really knowing your suppliers and customers
  • I could not decide between the following:
  • 1700-1730 – Innotribe day closing (Disruption, Day 1)

Sibos 2016 – Tuesday 27th October

Sibos 2016 – Wednesday 28th October (Corporate Forum starts)

Sibos 2016 – Thursday 29th October

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If you’re hosting an interesting Sibos 2016 event, please let me know the details (date/time/interesting info) in the comments below.

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