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Last year was my first Sibos conference in Boston. When I saw the recent SWIFT announcement that London has been selected as the host city of the SWIFT Conference in 2019, it got me thinking about the history of the event. When did Sibos start and which cities have hosted the Sibos conference..? As I was reading about the Sibos conference, I thought it would be interesting to illustrate my findings in a Sibos infographic. Some interesting themes emerged:

  • For the first 22 years, Sibos was essentially a European based conference
  • After 2000, the Sibos conference went truly global – hosted in Asia Pacific, North America and of course Europe
  • Africa, Central America and Latin America have never hosted Sibos… Surely that will change soon….
  • The first Sibos conference had 300 participants, and last year in Boston there were over 7000 attendees from over 140 countries

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Sibos Infographic:

Sibos 2015 Infographic

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