10 Interesting Tweets from the Mobile World Congress 2017

Last week, 27 February – 2 March 2017, Barcelona hosted the Mobile World Congress – the world’s largest mobile industry gathering organised by the GSMA. All of the big hitters from the mobile industry were there, and given that everything is going mobile – this conference is a big deal. Check out the Mobile World Congress and the TechCrunch event overview for full details, in this post i share 10 of the most popular tweets from the 4 day mobile event:

1. Robots Aren’t Coming, They Are Here….

2. And will soon outnumber Humans!

3. The Projected Growth of Mobile Smartphones

4. What do People Use SmartPhones For?

5. Driverless Sports Cars

6. Augmented Reality versus Virtual Reality

7. Augmented Reality – Pokemon Go

8. The 5G Revolution

9. 5G | Data

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10. Nokia Reinvented Itself


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