FinTech Disruptors: Dimebox – Payment Technology Innovator

The post Calling All Fintech Companies and Fintech Startups is an open invitation to all fintech companies and fintech startups to complete a short questionnaire about themselves. The objective is to shine a spotlight on new and emerging fintech companies, give them a bit of exposure and give you the opportunity to learn first hand about the trials and tribulations of a fintech startup. Today, Dimebox share their details:

Dimebox – Powerful Payment Processing Revealing Crucial Data Insights

  • Company: Dimebox – Powerful Payment Processing Revealing Crucial Data InsightsDimebox Logo
  • Website:
  • Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Company Chief: Raymundo Leefmans
  • Company Age: August 2014
  • What Do You Do: We provide white-label, modular payment technology to financial services. We are the only Payment Gateway built as a processing engine. Therefore we can offer a truly end-to-end payment solution, or as we call it: “a full-stack acquiring solution”
  • 2017 Objectives: Finish dissecting the black box of Visa and Mastercard so we truly know everything about transactions and can focus on predictive interchange management
  • What Makes You Unique: We are the only Payment Gateway that is built as a processing engine. Also we are a technology provider, so we are not in the money flow, which enables us to move and integrate fast.
  • Biggest Challenge: No response received
  • Anything Else: No response received

Dimebox Founders: (left to right) Raymundo Leefmans, Hans van Leeuwen, David Jokinen, Jan Joost Kalff

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The co-founding team at Dimebox are clearly looking to shake things up in the payments space. Their achievements, including a recent series A round funding, certainly bode well for the future. Thanks to Thomas for submitting this information, keep in touch and best of luck to the Dimebox team.!

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