FinTech Disruptors – Dinube Digital Instant Payments

In the post Calling All Fintech Companies and Fintech Startups, i invite fintech companies and fintech startups to complete a short questionnaire about themselves, and in return i will submit their responses in a post. The intention here is to shine a spotlight on fintech companies, give them a bit of exposure and in turn give readers of this blog the opportunity to learn about the trials and tribulations of a fintech startup. Here goes the first instalment:

Dinube – Digital Instant Payments

  • Company: Dinube – The Digital Payment Network
  • Website:
  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Company Chief: Jonathan Hayes
  • Company Age: 5 years
  • What Do You Do:
    • World’s 1st instant digital payment network working in-store
    • World’s 1st contactless mobile payment
  • 2017 Objectives: Increase instant payments in bricks & mortar stores (where 93% of transactions occur) and vending machines
  • What Makes You Unique: We created a technology that uses light to tokenize transactions
  • Biggest Challenge: Getting banks to understand the opportunity
  • Anything Else: Electric light was not the result of continuous, incremental improvement in candle-making

Sounds like these guys have some interesting developments in the pipeline – I will keep you posted with any updated information i receive.

Many Thanks to Jonathon for the information, and best of luck in your 2017 objectives 😉

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