Quick HSBC Guide to GDPR for Treasury Folks 2

As we all know from the many emails received over the last couple of weeks, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now here. Browsing around i came across some informative documents from HSBC about GDPR, which i thought would be worth sharing. Let’s jump to it…

GDPR Checklist for Treasury

Key notes:

  • Understand what data you have that falls under GDPR
  • Do you have consent for the personal data?
  • Who is responsible for the data that falls under GDPR?
  • Are you managing data appropriately as required by GDPR?
  • Where is your data stored?
  • Do your¬†third party¬†partners comply with GDPR? Are you sure?
  • Is your data encrypted?
  • Do your employees understand cyber-threats, and how they may be targeted?
  • What is the process to report breaches?
  • Are you prepared for a GDPR audit?

GDPR Data Breach Infographic

The following HSBC GDPR infographic hones in on a data breach and details the pertinent points:

  • How a breach may occur
  • The importance of data encryption
  • The need to report any breaches within 72 hours
  • The significant impact of not reporting the breach within the stated period
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