The Most Fabulous Fintech Trends and Predictions for 2019

At this time of the year there are many articles and reports outlining fintech predictions and fintech trends for 2019. So in this post, i thought i would share some of the best articles and provide a quick overview of the highlighted fintech trends and predictions. Please refer to the links for full details and explanations of the fintech trends.

Chris Skinner – My View of 2019

Ref: My view of 2019

  • In 2019 real time will become real
  • Banks and startups collaborate – structurally, around products and services – for real
  • Technology offers a real opportunity to fundamentally rethink the way in which financial services are delivered to customers
  • Open Banking will drive innovation
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning particularly will see further use cases – both of which will result in automation (job cuts) and increased customer focus (higher earnings)
  • Blockchain and distributed ledger implementations

Forbes – Top Tech Trends in 2019

Ref: Top Tech Trends In 2019: 11 Experts Detail What You Need To Watch

  • Automation increases
  • Blockchain moves into the mainstream
  • AI continues to grow but with a focus on human input and control
  • The number of Connect Devices increases
  • Augmented Reality (AR) is used day to day
  • Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence enables improved cybersecurity
  • 2018 was a bad year for tech, 2019 will see a number of solution to the “tech backlash”
  • Technologies such as AI, ML, blockchain and AR converge
  • Augmented analytics use natural language to highlight the most important findings
  • Data security will become paramount

Bloomberg – The 5 Big Fintech Trends of 2019

Ref: Experts Predict the Five Big Fintech Trends of 2019

  • Fintech startups lay the way for potential IPOs
  • Fintech firms will be acquired
  • Big tech companies continue to slowly move into finance
  • Payments become faster, with contactless and real-time payments
  • An unsettled economy will impact fintech funding

11:FS – Our 2019 Fintech Predictions

Ref: Our 2019 Fintech Predictions

  • Open banking gets real
  • Banks hit back
  • Big tech (Google Amazon Facebook Apple – GAFA) continue to march into financial services
  • USA likely to be difficult space for small fintech firms due to fragmented regulatory environment
  • As small, medium-sizes businesses increase in size, they become more complex to manage
  • As competition increases, customers are offered better products and services

The Citi Blog – Five Emerging Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

Ref: Five Emerging Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

  • 5G
  • Augmented and mixed reality
  • Intelligent augmentation
  • Zero trust cyber security
  • Quantum computing

BBVA – The 10 Global Fintech Trends

Ref: The 10 Global Fintech Trends

This is a little old, but with relevant and interesting themes

  • Conventional banking has changed strategy
  • Financial services firms were being unbundled and are now being rebundled
  • Fintechs are going global
  • Blockchain is staying
  • PSD2 is a gamechanger
  • Big tech is making a big impact
  • Insurtech market matures
  • Regtech has great potential
  • Financial service will feel the impact of Regulation
  • Fintech’s enable financial inclusion

BBC – Tech Trends 2019

Ref: Tech trends 2019: ‘The end of truth as we know it?’

  • “Deepfake”videos – manipulated videos blur the lines between technology and real people, and could be used to trigger a geo-political incident
  • AI in the wrong hands could be used to launch AI-cyber battles, they’re particularly dangerous since they adapt to their surroundings and launch bespoke/tailored attacks from inside the organisation
  • AI powered computers are helping us get healthier
  • GDPR and a tech-backlash results in GDPR fines and a consumer push to control their data

Gemalto – 10 Fintech Trends to watch in 2019

Ref: Infographic: 10 fintech trends to watch in 2019

  • Online payments via decentralised apps will increase
  • Honest use of data will give firms an advantage
  • Quantum computing gets real
  • Number of cryptocurrencies will diversify
  • Implanted near field communication (NFC) devices grows (really?!?!)
  • Fintech regulation increases
  • Online lending using AI and other software increases
  • RegTech to expand to assist financial institutions
  • Digital-only banks continue to grow
  • Digital transformation investment among banks goes from strength to strength

Gemalto - Fintech Trneds to watch in 2019

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