10 Awesome 2019 Retail Banking Trends by Capgemini 2

Capgemini are renowned for their annual reports, the earlier World Payments Report 2018 and now the Top 10 Trends in Retail Banking 2019. In this post, i highlight the 10 Retail Banking Trends for 2019 through some pretty nifty infographics.

10 Awesome 2019 Retail Banking Trends

1.) BigTech companies are moving into banking and threatening traditional banks and some of the services they provide

2.) Opening banking is gaining traction, and APIs are emerging as an enabling technology for both banks and financial services providers

3.) Banks are recognising the value of the Cloud and accelerating Cloud solution implementations

4.) Customer Expectations, Fintechs, digitisation and the BigTech threat are driving New Operating and Business models

5.) Banks are speeding up their Digital Transformation efforts

6.) Distributed Ledger Technology is enabling disruptive innovation in banking

7.) Voice is emerging as a new channel for banks

8.) Banks are using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to improve the services they offer to customers

9.) Introducing the Invisible Banking Age – seamlessly enabling financial services into customers daily lives

10.) As new business models and technologies are introduced, banks must invest and pay attention to data security and compliance

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Capgemini - Top 10 Retail Banking Trends 2019

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