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The world seems to be going Artificial Intelligence (AI) crazy! So in this post i thought i would cover the 10 Artificial Intelligence AI Trends highlighted by PwC for 2018. Its about 6 months old now, but the themes are relevant and i wanted to capture (for my own notes) the AI trends in layman terms.

Reports about Artificial Intelligence talk about a neural network, this is a computer system based on the human brain

AI Trend 1: Deep Learning Theory

The ability for deep neural networks to learn unsupervised and make sense of image, audio and text data that is unstructured / unlabelled

AI Trend 2: Capsule Networks

A type of neural network that has the ability to process data in a visual manner and construct hierarchical relationships

AI Trend 3: Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL)

This is where a neural network has the ability to learn by engaging with the environment through observations, actions and rewards. DRL is popular type of AI, often used in business applications and gaming – e.g. AlphaGo developed by Alphabet plays the board game Go and beat the current human champion!

AI Trend 4: Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN)

An unsupervised deep learning method that results in 2 competing neural networks that continually improve in their respective roles over time:

  • Generator – creates a copy of the real data
  • Discriminator – reads and processes real data

AI Trend 5: Lean and Augmented Data Learning

Current challenge with machine learning is having enough data with which to train the system. This is managed by:

  • Producing more data
  • Transferring a model trained to complete one task and moving it to another task with no/little prior learning experience

AI Trend 6: Probabilistic Programming

A programming language that allows developers to define probability models and then goes about solving the specified probability models

AI Trend 7:  Hybrid Learning Models

Mixing up different types of deep neural networks (which do not model uncertainty) with various probability approaches (perhaps humans) to come up with a hybrid solution that makes the most of both!

AI Trend 8:  Automated Machine Learning

An automated workflow that makes use of various statistical and deep learning methods

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AI Trend 9: Digital Twin

A virtual model that can provide in-depth information and monitoring of a physical or psychological system

AI Trend 10: Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning technique that provides further explanation around why the machine reached the conclusion that it has

Top 10 artificial intelligence (AI) technology trends for 2018

Source: PwC | Next in Tech

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