Day 1 Recap: Sibos 2018 versus Money20/20 1

Sitting here at home in the UK i am closely following probably the two biggest conferences for the financial services industry in the world – Sibos 2018 in Sydney, Australia and Money20/20 in Las Vegas. As i read and watch the happenings from afar, here are the videos, articles and tweets that caught my eye.

Sibos sounds like it is all about SWIFT gpi – global payments innovation.

Day 1 – Sibos 2018 – Enabling the Digital Economy

Gottfried Leibbrandt during the Opening Plenary highlighted the 3 things that keep him up at night:

  • Cyber
  • Geopolitics
  • Technological change

Leda Glyptis – 11:FS “Innovation was meant to keep us in the game. Not keep us at play”:

You can *trust* Ripple to Keep It Real

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Day 1 – Money20/20 – Where Money Revolutionaries Unite

Nice Recap..!

Finally, some Inspiration

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