Sun Sets on SWIFT Sibos 2018 in Sydney 1

It has been quite a week watching and keeping up with events at both Sibos and Money20/20. Overall, some really interesting speakers at both events, with insights into financial services, technology, fintech and a term that i heard increasingly across conferences for the first time – techfin. I would recommend checking out the the daily recap Sibos and Money20/20 videos.

In this post, i wanted to share with you the brilliant summary cards, produced by the SWIFT Institute, on various topics and trends that were discussed at Sibos.

1. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain:

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain – Source: SWIFT Institute

2. Cybersecurity:

Cyber – How can you mitigate the Business Risk – Source: SWIFT Institute

3. Financial Regulation:

The Why, What, Where and How of Financial Regulation – Source: SWIFT Institute

4. Financial Services & Diversity:

Securing the Future of Financial Services Through Diversity – Source: SWIFT Institute

5. Correspondent Banking:

The Future of Correspondent Banking – Source: SWIFT Institute

6. Leadership:

Open Source Leadership – Source: SWIFT Institute

7. Open Banking:

Is the Future of Banking “Open” – Source: SWIFT Institute


8. Quantum Computing:

Quantum Computing – Source: SWIFT Institute


9. AI – Artificial Intelligence:

What is AI? – Source: SWIFT Institute


10. Fintech – East versus West:

Fintech – East Versus West Source: – SWIFT Institute

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