Day 2 Recap: What Happened at Sibos 2018 and Money20/20

Day 2 at Sibos 2018 and Money20/20 and things are getting interesting. Watching the events unfold via social media platforms, I would say the more interesting day was at Money20/20. Here are my highlights:

Sibos 2018 – Two Types of Company, those that have been hacked & those that dont know they’ve been hacked – James Comey Former FBI Director

SWIFT conintue to highlight the growth of Cross Border Payments via gpi – Global Payments Innovation

Every time I see Brett King, he is signing his book

I feel your pain, bro

Money 20/20 –

By the way, i need to mention the folks at 11:FS they are blitzing social media with lots of interesting insights into all the cool stuff happening at Money20/20.

Day 2 – Recap



Not Fintech, but Techfin – Putting technology First and asking what can we Build with todays technology – Chris Skinner


The Adoption of Technology – Anand Sanwal (CB Insights)

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Screw It, Just Do It – Richard Branson

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