Day 3 Recap: Penultimate Day at Sibos 2018 and Last Day at Money20/20

The top financial industry conferences are drawing to a close, with the penultimate Sibos day and last Money20/20 day. Money20/20 seemed to be quieter, maybe folks partied too hard before heading home..? While Sibos seemed to be in full flow. Here are some of my key takeaways:

Sibos 2018 – Regulation and New Technology

Quote of the day…

The love hate relationship with data, i love to see yours, hate it when you see mine – Tim Lind

Cryptocurrency and Regulation


The Power of AI


Heard this about Blockchain too many times


Lesson of the Day: Ask for Forgiveness, not Permission

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Money20/20 – What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas


Crypto & Blockchain – Recognition these will be the Fundamental Rails on which Value Moves – Adam Ludwin


Sometimes Tech can Feel like This


The 11:FS Crew had a Blast

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