5 Tasty Tweets To Recap Money20/20 Asia in Sinagpore 1

I spent the evening catching up on what has been been happening at the Money20/20 Asia 2019 conference in Singapore. There were some heavyweight fintech folks there, so the agenda was jam packed and by the looks of it pretty interesting. I reckon the following 5 tweets are a good way to wet your appetite, get up to speed and get a flavour of the discussions.

Check out the Finextra Money20/20 bulletins on financial inclusion, HSBC’s ominously named Project Iceberg, open banking, legacy systems, innovation and blockchain (of course!).

Money20/20 – Day 1 Recap

Money20/20 – Day 2 Recap

Money20/20 – Day 3 Recap

Money20/20 – Open Banking

Money20/20 – WeChat


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