5 Ripple Tweets That Absolutely Dominated Money20/20 Asia

I was curious to see what happened at Money 20/20 Asia, which took place in Singapore this last week, 13-15th March. So, took to Twitter to get the low down. There was some pretty interesting stuff, covering all of the hot topics: cybersecurity, financial inclusion, a keynote by Piyush Gupta, the fintech unbundling of banks, big tech companies, APIs, diversity, digital payments, biometrics, the value of intelligent partnerships, the shift from a bank to a platform, identity, breaking silos…. the list continues…!

In and amongst all of the tweets, Ripple absolutely dominated. Ripple tweets were the most retweeted with the official #M2020Asia, and stood head and shoulders above all other Money 20/20 Asia tweets. Were you at Money 20/20 Asia, and were Ripple as prominent in the conference halls as they were on Twitter? Did you feel the Ripple…? Here are the 5 dominant Money 20/20 Asia tweets:

1.) Ripple: Lowering the Cost of Cross Border Payments

2.) Ripple xCurrent: Enabling Instant & Certain Payment Processing

3.) Risk: 3 Second Volatility Risk Using $XRP for Cross Border Payments

4.) Ripple MoneyTap: Enabling Faster Mobile Money Payments

5.) Ripple: Thoughtful Regulation!

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Ref: The Korea Times – Ripple stresses ‘thoughtful regulation’

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