AI Revolution in 1 Insanely Informative Infographic

The folks at Techjury created a hugely popular AI Revolution infographic at the beginning of the year. The Techjury article provides some insightful AI statistics, but it is the infographic that caught my eye. Following are a couple of key AI Revolution themes –

  • AI Timeline provides a brief history of AI from the Turing Test, space exploration through to 2014 when a chatbot called Eugene Goostman passed the Turing Test
  • Type of AI
    • Strong AI – AI with human cognitive (ability to acquire knowledge/understand through thought and experience) abilities
    • Weak AI – AI that is designed to only perform certain tasks
    • Reactive machines – the ability to make predictions, but with no memory or ability to recollect past experiences
    • Limited memory – using past experience to help make future decisions
  • AI technology –
    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    • Machine learning (ML)
    • Natural language processing
    • Robotics
  • Impact of AI is already and will continue to be felt across all spheres of everyday life

Source: AI Revolution - TechJury


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