2 Essential PwC Infographics to Introduce You to Robotics

Robotics seems to be the hot new topic at the moment, everywhere i turn i keep hearing about robotics, machine learning and RPA – Robotic Process Automation. So i was on the look out for something simple and straightforward to introduce me to the topic, and i came across the following 2 PwC infographics on robotics. Before you start thinking of the Terminator Doomsday scenario, consider getting to grips with a little robotics history and the reasons why folks are talking robotics.

1. Robotics Timeline:

This is pretty cool as it explains the various robotics developments, including:

  • 1921 – The origin of the term Robot
  • 1941 – The Three Laws of Robotics – a robot must
    • Not injure a human
    • Obey orders
    • Protect its own existence
  • 1950 – Turings Test is published
  • 1985 – The phrase Virtual Reality is devised
  • 1990 – The term Augmented Reality is born
  • 1997 – Deep Blue beats Gary Kasparov at chess
  • 2006 – IBM introduce Watson
  • 2011 – Siri is born
  • 2016 – Uber starts testing driverless cars in the US

2. Robotics in the Workplace:

14 reasons why we’re talking about Robotics:

  1. Robots are no longer confined to structured environments
  2. Robots are able to work with humans
  3. Robots can learn
  4. Robots are able to perform multiple tasks
  5. Robots are increasingly able to handle more complex tasks
  6. Robots are able to move and interact in various ways
  7. Robots can automate business processes
  8. Robots can increase efficiency, quality and repeat processes
  9. Robots can free up humans for other work
  10. Robots can help fill gaps where there are labour or skill shortages
  11. Robotics is a topic that is not very well understood
  12. Robots sparks fears about job losses and robots taking over the world
  13. Robots are bringing about new safety, monitoring, reporting and regulatory requirements
  14. Robots development, installation and management costs can be expensive for some

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