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Over the last few days there has been extensive coverage of the Goldman Sachs predictions for the future. The predictions were sent in a Emerging Theme Radar research report, titled “Themes, Dreams and Flying Machines”, to clients on Wednesday. From a finance and technology perspective the most heavily discussed of the Goldman Sachs predictions has been their bet on the future of blockchain.

In fact it was only after reading around today that i realised that the Goldman report contains 7 predictions, and blockchain is just one of the 7. By the way i haven’t managed to find the Themes, Dreams and Flying Machines report yet, so if you have please let me know and i will add a link to it to this post.

Anyway, i was curious to know what the other Goldman Sachs predictions were. So in this post I thought I’d share the Goldman forecasts with you, a couple of quotes from the report, and some links to articles that contain further information…. Happy reading!

1. Blockchain is going to be BIG

Key quotes:

  • “The blockchain could disrupt everything”
  • “While the Bitcoin hype cycle has gone quiet, Silicon Valley and Wall Street are betting that the underlying technology behind it, the Blockchain, can change… well everything”

Further reading:

  • Business Insider – GOLDMAN SACHS: ‘The Blockchain can change… well everything’
  • Coindesk – Goldman Sachs: Blockchain is Ready For Centre Stage

2. The Race to Space is ON

Key quotes:

  • “Space is once again the new frontier”
  • “Re-usability promises to continue the trend of falling launch costs”

Further reading:

  • Forbes – Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos And What The Billionaire Space Race Means For Investors

3. The value of a College education…Hmmm?

Key quotes:

  • “College may not be worth it”
  • For some… “the cost may not be justified”

Further reading:

  • Business Insider – GOLDMAN SACHS: College may not be worth it
  • CBS News – ​Is college worth it? Goldman Sachs says maybe not

4. Forget Millennials, its all about Gen-Z

Key quote:

  • “Raised by Gen-X parents during a time marred by economic stress, rising student debt burdens, socio-economic tensions and war overseas, these youths carry a less idealistic, more pragmatic perspective on the world”

Further reading:

  • Business Insider – Goldman Sachs has made a chart of the generations … and it will make the millennials shudder
  • Market Watch – Watch out millennials, Goldman says Gen-Z might eat your lunch

5. Flash Crashes are inevitable

Key quotes:

  •  “There will be another Flash Crash”

Further reading:

  • Value Walk – How To Prevent A Future Flash Crash: Goldman Sachs

6. The Future of Power is Lithium

Key quotes:

  • “Lithium is the new gasoline.”
  • “…[Lithium]… will be a key enabler of the electric car revolution and replace gasoline as the primary source of transportation fuel”

Further reading:

  • FT – Commodities: Material revolution
  • Seeking Alpha – Tesla, Best Positioned For Coming Disruptions
  • Fortune – Goldman Sachs Likes Tesla and These Other Climate-Friendly Stocks
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7. Big Data, Cloud Technology and a potential cancer cure

Key quotes:

  • “Rapid reductions in cloud storage costs and DNA sequencing technology will soon merge with the proliferation of electronic medical records to enable a new paradigm in cancer treatment”

Further reading:

  • Barrons – Cancer Cure Could Lie in the Cloud
  • Berkley Research – The AMP (Algorithms Machines and People) Lab Stands up to Big Data
  • SC Bio – The Digital Revolution Comes to US Healthcare

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