12 Practical Ways to Become Smarter in 1 Infographic

Many of us are trying to get smarter and more effective in the way we work, rest and play. I am certainly trying! In order to achieve this i have been delving into various means and methods – one of the articles i came across was by the World Economic Forum – 12 ways to becomes smarter in one chart. It is a good read, as is the underlying research and article by Michael Simmons.

12 Practical Ways to Become Smarter – Key Takeaways:

  1. Meta-Tool Usage and Creation – understand how to use tools to do new things more efficiently
  2. Goal Setting – set good goals with an appropriate strategy
  3. Cause and Effect – the better you understand the causes, the more effective you can be
  4. Prioritisation – the 80/20 rule states that 20% of inputs leads to 80% of outputs
  5. Compound Interest – Consistently do small positive things that build up over time
  6. Behaviour Change – don’t procrastinate, turn your intentions into consistent habits
  7. Cognitive Biases – challenge your personal biases
  8. Network Building – our lives consist of many networks (brain, friends, colleagues). understand the underlying patterns
  9. Problem Solving – don’t avoid problems, look for problems and ways of dealing with them
  10. Scientific Method – scientific methods and principles have drastically increased knowledge – understand and follow these principles
  11. Opportunity – seek opportunities to catapult yourself
  12. Learning How to Learn – for each hour you spend learning, you get 10x the value

Check out the “Become Smarter” infographic below:

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Become Smarter - Mental Models


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