9 Cool Fintech, Security and Tech Graphics from Sibos 2017

Okay, last post reflecting information from Sibos 2017. Here i share some of the graphics that i spotted over the 4 day Toronto conference which capture key cybersecurity, fintech and tech themes. Take a close look at the graphics, there are some pretty interesting messages and let me know what you think in the comments below:

1. Technology – Keep Calm and Make The Right Decisions

Key Takeaway: Avoid fear based technology decisions!


2. The Rise of Fintech & Innovative Banking

Key Takeaway: Traditional banking is being disrupted because its expensive, trust in large financial institutions has dwindled and tech companies are attracting the best talent


3. Moving Banking into the Digital Age

Key Takeaway: There is a recognised need to digitally upgrade cross border payments processing


4. The Future of Transaction Banking

Key Takeaway: Transaction banking requires interoperability


5. The Cyber Security Ecosystem

Key Takeaway: Cyber security ain’t an IT issue, there are many different impacts


6. Evolution of Cyber Threats

Key Takeaway: The cyber security threat is constantly evolving, and financial institutions are primary targets


7. Cyber – The New Normal

Key Takeaway: From a SWIFT perspective there is pre-Bangladesh and a post-Bangladesh


8. The Future of Financial Intelligence Sharing

Key Takeaway: To succeed in the fight against cyber crime, the industry needs to cooperate with one another


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9. The Quantum Threat in Financial Services

Key Takeaway: High level decision making must start now!


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