10 SEPA Instant Payments Scheme Benefits by the EPC

The European Payments Council unveiled a pretty cool infographic today highlighting the “Top 10 Benefits of the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer scheme”. Below is the SEPA Instant Payments infographic, but i wanted to quickly summarise the key benefits:

  1. Payments completed in less than 10 seconds
  2. SEPA Instant Payments available 24-7-365
  3. Maximum value of €15,000, to be reviewed annually
  4. Real time payments across the Euro countries – enabling instant national and cross-border Euro payments
  5. A digital payment method
  6. Improve cash-flow by making funds available instantly and 24-7-365
  7. A convenient way to pay
  8. Further enables payment harmonisation across the euro-zone
  9. A instant euro-zone payment method that is secure and complies with data protection, anti-fraud, anti-money laundering and sanctions legislations
  10. Built upon the SEPA Credit Transfer scheme making it easier for payment service providers to implement

Benefits of the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer Scheme – SCT Inst

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