Key Facts & Figures from the EBF Banking In Europe 2017 Overview

Last week the European Banking Federation (EBF) published theĀ 2017 Banking In Europe facts and figures. The facts and figures are nicely summarised in a infographic that i have shared below, but its worth taking note of some of the key themes…

Banking in Europe – Key Themes:

  • The number of EU-28 credit institutions has been declining since 2009 and fell some more in 2017
    • The number of banks fell by 5% in 2017 to 6,250
    • Germany, Italy, Hungary had the largest falls while in the UK the number of credit institutions increased!
  • Bank branches are declining
    • In 2017 9,100 bank branches closed reducing the overall number of branches to 189,270
    • To give that number some perspective, in 2008 there were 237,701 bank branches
  • Bank staff declined
    • Bank staff numbers fell by 40,000 in 2017
  • Banks are “trying” to become digital
    • From using the word digital more often in their annual reports (lol) to recruiting adverts for IT and engineering roles at banks (research by Oliver Wyman)
  • Banking APIs for third parties increased
    • In 2017 the number of banking APIs for 3rd parties jumped to 1,500, there were just 17 APIs ten years ago (research by IBM)
  • Blockchain investment grew
  • Key themes include recognition among the financial services industry that
    • Cybersecurity remains the most important risk
    • Big data, cloud and digital skills are the critical to the success of financial services in Europe
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Banking in Europe – Facts & Figures

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