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Over the last year or so i have come across various lists highlighting the Top 100 Fintech Influencers and Fintech Powerlists – they’re all good! But for me, i get lost in the sheer number of people on those lists and of course not all of the fintech influencers have an interest in payments (which is my main focus area). I appreciate the thorough analysis behind the rankings and often sift through the various lists to make sure that i don’t miss a thing from the key movers and shakers in the industry.

That said, i decided to create my own fintech influencer list based on a highly intellectual algorithm – my gut! If you follow these guys, you’ll know whats going on in the world of payments, blockchain and fintech. Check out my top 10 fintech influencers in no particular order:

<UPDATE: Since writing this, i have had to add 2 more folks to the list ūüôā >

FinTech Influencers

1. Chris Gledhill

  • Name: Chris Gledhill
  • Company: Secco
  • Reason: Chris has his finger on the fintech pulse – and through twitter shares all the key stories

2. Spiros Margaris

  • Name:¬†Spiros Margaris
  • Company: Margaris Advisory
  • Reason: Spiros captures a range of Fintech topics and most interestingly for me highlights articles that are a “good read” or “important”

3. Chris Skinner

  • Name: Chris Skinner
  • Company: Banking on the Edge
  • Reason: At his Finanser Blog, Chris cuts out the crap and writes in a digestible style about banking and Fintech. He’s a contributor at most of the significant payments related / Fintech conferences, and through his blog and tweets you will come to know whats hot and whats not!

4. Oliver Bussmann

  • Name: Oliver Bussmann
  • Company: Bussmann Advisory
  • Reason: As an ex-CIO, Oliver offers a unique insight into topics such as Fintech, blockchain, social media, transformation at his blog.¬†Oliver is frequently at financial services related conferences – such as Sibos, which is useful to catch up on all-things SWIFT related

5. Christopher Danvers

  • Name: Christopher Danvers
  • Company: Payments Expert
  • Reason: In short if its Payments related Christoper, aka King of Payments, has it tweeted

6. Florian Graillot

  • Name:¬†Florian Graillot
  • Company:¬†VC investor at AXA Ventures
  • Reason: Florian focuses and draws attention to all things blockchain and insurance

7. Jim Marous

8. Neira Jones

  • Name:¬†Neira Jones
  • Company: Comcarde
  • Reason: Neira is an authority on security and payments – say no more, eh?!

9. Bradley Leimer

  • Name: Bradley Leimer
  • Company: Santander
  • Reason: Just check out Bradley’s twitter timeline, he don’t miss a Fintech thing!
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10. David Birch

  • Name: David Birch
  • Company: Consult Hyperion
  • Reason: David calls a spade a spade and provides no nonsense insights into digital identity, payments and blockchain

11. Andreas Staub

  • Name: Andreas Staub
  • Company: Fehr Advice
  • Reason: I turn to Andreas for the best articles on a given fintech topic, they are often in depth and require some time to read through and understand

12. Mike Quindazzi

  • Name:¬†Mike Quindazzi
  • Company: PwC
  • Reason: Mike often tweets interesting PwC fintech analysis with their trademark graphs/graphics

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  3. Reply Tristan Jan 25,2021 5:55 pm

    Great list. If you feel like updating this list for 2021, Fintech Review could be a good addition! We publish insights, analysis and interviews on a wide range of fintech-related topics. From explaining basic concepts to analysing major trends.


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