The Top Payments News Stories in April, 2015

There were some recurring payments news themes that dominated the headlines in April 2015 – cyber security, mobile payments and various fintech developments. Interestingly though there were some new stories around ATM’s and a couple of important financial inclusion stories worth catching up on. Unfortunately there were also some bank glitches that caused customers a bit of a headache. For those of you that are interested in SWIFT, there were events in London and Canada. See my top payments news stories for April 2015 below…

1. Payments News – Cyber Security

  • A cybercrime gang, involving Romanian nationals, that stole over $15 million (in 2013) through fraudulent ATM withdrawals globally has been busted
  • Ryanair has fallen victim to a €4.6 million hack attack
  • MasterCard reaches settlement with Target for data breaches in 2013 – Target will pay up to $19 million to eligible banks and credit unions
  • According to the WSJ, China is stopping the implementation of controversial banking-technology rules
  • A WorldPay press release reported that British businesses encountered card fraud every 20 seconds in March 2015
  • City of London Police at the Tech UK Conference claimed that banks hide cyber crime losses

2. Payments News – Mobile Payments

3. Payments News: Digital / Cryptocurrencies

  • Goldman Sachs and IDG Capital Partners invest $50 million in Circle, a consumer finance company
  • Coinbase launches its bitcoin services in the UK
  • BNY Mellon’s CIO talks to the WSJ about Bitcoin

4. Payments News: Bank News

5. Payments News: Financial Inclusion

6. Payments News: Fintech

  • Paypal introduces One Touch payments, previously only available on mobile devices, to the web
  • MasterCard buys cloud based big data analytics company Applied Predictive Technologies (APT)
  • BBVA acquires the San Francisco user experience (UX) and design firm, Spring  Studio
  • Yes Bank, in India, partners with Twitter to send tweets to customers via a missed call
  • BBVA and Dwolla go live with real time payments in the US
  • Alibaba plans launch of a e-commerce stock index and internet bank…

7. Payments News: ATM

  • NCR introduces Kalpana Software which moves ATM software into the cloud…
  • EAST press release highlights a 26% decline in  ATM related fraud incidents but skimming losses increase

8. Payments News: SWIFT

  • The SWIFT Business Forum in London hosted around 1100 delegates to discuss the key themes dominating the industry
  • Announce SWIFTRef API’s enabling the identification and validation of payment data in real time
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That’s it folks! Let me know below if I missed anything important….

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