SEPA Deadline Delayed – 1st August, 2014 6

Just as we were rolling up our sleeves up, one eye on the 1st February SEPA deadline, the other on multiple SEPA implementations, coupled with a nervousness about overall readiness — the European Commission announces an extension to the SEPA migration deadline to 1st August, 2014.

While the EC “stresses that the SEPA migration end date of 1 February 2014 remains…”, the vast majority of corporates and SME’s will welcome the delay in the SEPA deadline… oops, I mean the “additional transition period of six months”.

The SEPA deadline ‘delay’, ‘extension’, ‘transition period’ — whatever you want to call it gives us additional time to complete our SEPA implementations, and all being well a period of getting used to SEPA as the business-as-usual process.

The official blurb can be found at:

The Press Release and the amendment to Regulation 260/210 (1401069_proposal_en) for those that are interested.

Time for a holiday… 😉

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6 thoughts on “SEPA Deadline Delayed – 1st August, 2014

  1. Reply James Jan 9,2014 2:33 pm

    Apparently, there was a Plan B 😉

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