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My recent posts highlighting key cybersecurity threats and my notes from the SWIFT cybersecurity conference revealed the phenomenal growth and adoption of various biometric security emthods. So in this post, i thought i would share 5 infographics that nicely summarise everything you need to know about biometric security. My key takeaways are the following:

  • Biometric security is going mainstream with many initiatives utilising the technology to help register and verify the identity of users
  • In a digital and sharing economy you need to trust that a person is who he/she says they are
  • Biometric security could spell the end of passwords, but the technology is not completely secure yet
  • User adoption is hampered by users feeling uncomfortable about the technology and the potential hacking of the biometric database
  • Multi-factor authentication is seemingly the way to go!


1. Biometric Security Usage is Set to Reach a Billion

Ref: Deloitte – Prints Charming: Biometric Security Reaches the Billions

2. What is Biometric Security?

3. What are the Benefits of Biometric Security?

4. Which Biometric Security Trends will prevail in 2017?

5. Biometric Security and Payments

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